Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's WORLD DAIRY EXPO time! No I won't being going... not that when I do go I ever have a good time. I'm much to stressed to enjoy things like this. But someday I hope that I'll be able to enjoy things without worrying about what is going on, on the home front.

At least I can watch the shows LIVE via their web casts. :) So there for it's cheaper than having to be there and I'm not stressed out! I can hardly wait for Saturday night to come. The champ will be crowned for another year. I so wish that I had a cow, or two, maybe three, four... oh heck a whole herd... several strings there... nothing like being greedy is there. OH to dream...

Also we've had our 4th!!!!! heifer in a row. I knew I was missing somebody last night, but I just couldn't find her. So I thought I had over looked her and she was find. Well Bernice... was hiding well and little Bets was found tonight. She has the same personality as her mother... CRAZY. She's alive and well... and today that's all that matters.

Other news... I've started painting the milk barn. All I'll say is... it's going to be BRIGHT! :)

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