Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why is it???

The trend is going to the twitters, face book and so for and so on... I'm just going around things backwards. Why is it when the trend is going one way I ALWAYS go and do the opposite. They say blogs are fading fast... then why is I keep finding so many that are so neat?! Why is it people always try to change others and what they think by putting out some article that has nothing to do with real life. Someone not knowing anything about the real world is trying to make their mark in the world not knowing just what they are doing, but they think and what they want it's all that matters.

OK on to the next thing... :) Yesterday was a busy day. 8 quarts of tomatoes done up between calling several vets for a cow who was sick. She lost her calf and had gotten a terrible infection. WHO KNEW! Anyway she is feeling much better and at least we saved her. Also made 3 gallon of cereal and a cheese ball. I even made spaghetti the day before for dinner... it was nasty though... No amount of "doctoring" would help, did help or is going to help.

The cereal turned out pretty well even if I do say so myself. I'll post the recipe on the recipe blog.

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