Monday, October 19, 2009

10 o'clock and all is well

At least I think so, hope so, am to tired not to believe so. What a day today was. Just when you think freaky things can't happen, they do.

Mom and I had no more than finished with chores and were sitting in the swing enjoying the nice weather, when Krissie comes up and says I need to get the tractor to get a steer (a VERY stupid steer I might add) out of the little (4x4x4) drain pit. Some how this extremely intelligent creature wouldn't go out the door, but thought it better to go into the pit, out the back door and into the drain pit. STUPID, Stupid, stupid! ARGH Long story short we (me, Krissie, and my grandmother) get him out, without the aid of the tractor. I would have done damage to him if I would have pulled him out rather than him settling down and thinking. After a little while he managed to stand up and hopped out. I'm sure he's a little tender and achey but OH WELL.

In the afternoon, I managed to get the yard mowed, cleaned out a flower garden (the frost the other night got the better part of the flowers :( ...) . then evening chores. OH and by the way... we have more than enough butternut squash... Any recipes for using it up? Not that I'm going to eat it mind you, but others will.

After that watching Tombstone. :) I do enjoy that movie... Your a daisy if you do... :) You tell I'm coming! and HELLS coming with me!!!! :)  


  1. Sounds like a tough day. Amazing how smart cows can be about getting out of fences and all yet how stupid in getting into predicaments!
    Glad you made it through to the good part!

  2. They can surely try your patience can't they. I just happened to be standing near the feedbunk the other day when here comes an hours old heifer. Said heifer walks straight to the lagoon and jumps in. Don't let anyone tell you calves can't swim. She swam right to the bank where I could reach right down and grab a leg, all good now. Why is it again that we do this???

  3. Three C's.... Isn't it though... I would love to know how it is that a 4' wide load bovine can get squeeze through a 10" space, and then can't remember how to back through a gate opening that is 14'! I'm glad I made it to the good part... today is another story both good and sad.

    Jared... In answer to your question, this was my mom's answer..."To make others look sane." Glad to hear your "sweet smelling" baby is OK, glad it's a heifer also. :) You know you never told me how you liked you Mohr daughters... I for one am still pondering why we do what we do...