Friday, October 16, 2009

Good day

It's been a good day. The bank is going to work with us and so we won't be losing the cows and equipment. Yes it's been that bad round these parts, at least on this issue I can relax. I cried, I couldn't help it. It was just such a relief, well... a release of pent up frustrations and untold emotions.

I'll finally be able to keep my heifers and not have to keep selling them. Which is a blessing as we were needing to keep some back for once. Our numbers are getting low. It's time to start building our herd back up again. Now if thing will just start for the good with the house and such. We are all hoping and praying soon, very soon.

In other good news we had 2 heifers today!!!! Victoria had Velocity and Genevieve had Guenevere  (I think that's right if not OH well). Velocity is about twice the size of Guenevere, but tiny toes G. has a HUGE attitude problem. I just finally tubed her. There is no point in fighting with them when they have made up their mind. They can be such stubborn little creatures.

I had been hoping that Victoria's baby would have at least some white on it and that it would heifer, at least I got half of what I was hoping for. Why is it this cow can have bulls with tons of white on them and heifers with none? Maybe next time... :) MAYBE if I find a bull with white and they sell him as sexed we'll have a fair chance. That is if milk prices come up enough for such a splurge. ROFL!!!!!!!!

Night all and sweet dreams... I'll settle for just a good nights rest. :)

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  1. Sara!! I am so glad for you!!
    What a crime that so many people like us are in this outrageous boat. We have been facing the same exact thing and are nothing like out of the woods. I am so happy to hear that you will be able to hang on for a while. Maybe some of the recent lip service to higher payments for farm products will actually bear fruit and we can all get our feet back on the ground. Take care!