Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If I priced milk....

Tonight it would have sky rocketed. It's just been one of THOSE kind of days. I'm sure NONE of you ever have them :) .

Thanks to the goats (one goat actually... Tessie the devil spawn). They/she chewed the wires on the tractor for the lights to nothing. GRRRRR This of course means doing tractor chores in the evenings is a little more difficult. Let me tell you it's not fun being in the dark, with a nutty dry cow trying to bounce a big bale of hay of the spikes and into you, only to be blinded by the one light you do have right at the moment she decides to buck and jump like a calf.

Definitely not getting paid enough for this job tonight. :) To top it off, it's raining... again.

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