Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ear Tags, Tube feeding, and new collars...

There are just days when I truly believe that if my head wasn't attached I would lose track of it. Time on the other hand I can't control.... and I seem to lose it before I know it. Just like today. I got out earlier than I have been getting out for chores, because one I was up and hadn't slept well at all! Two I wanted to get to the Post Office.

It seems like on these kind of days, I always change my routine up. First off I decided to switch the weaning calves feeding to mornings so I'm not fighting calves in the dark. Secondly... I wanted to get the calves ear tagged before I lost track of who they are. Which by the way has anyone notice the price of ear tags lately?!?! It's not like they are solid gold ya know!!!! $32.00 when they used to be $20.00 just a few years back. Anyway, all was on track until... there is always an UNTIL don'tcha know... dumb bull and cow decide to go walk about down the road. So we had to get them home, and then I remember I had to open the gate to the bottom so they would have something to eat for the day. Aren't I a sweetheart?!

To top off chores this morning, while tubing a bull calf the end came off (you know the tip so it won't go in their lungs) and was left inside of him. I'm hoping this won't kill him... I would fell bad if if did. Thought about calling the vets office to ask, but later thought that is just one stupid question I didn't feel like asking and them laughing... when you think about it, it is rather comical. In a twisted farming kinda way.

Came in and was getting my things ready to go for the post office. Changed clothes and off I went. However somewhere between here and there I forgot to go to the post office. My mind was on things like: collars for the Big Girls and Little Girls (goats), starter for the baby calves, cat food (we should buy stock in Purina, I personally feel we are keeping them afloat in what we spend on cat food and dog food alone), bleach, rose spray (didn't have any), and so forth and so on.

And to top off the trip home a pushy MAN in a FORD would NOT get off my tail. I just hate it when people get like that... I was going a little better than the limit. If they want to go and get a ticket FINE by me, but don't push me!

To top off the day, evening chores went OK, new collars on, all calves fed, no new babies (thank you Lord) and now for a relaxing evening. OH I even got to see the last show at EXPO! Yet again a Holstein won, IMHO she wasn't as nice as last years Holstein winner... now that was one Holstein I wouldn't mind having! :)

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