Friday, October 2, 2009

Men,Farm shows, and Fords...

First off I'm going to apologize in advance to men, people who love farm shows (which BTW is IMHO different than oh lets say Dairy farm shows.) and those men who drive Ford trucks.

Secondly... I will say this so this post won't sound like I'm bashing ALL men. There have got to be some good ones out there. Doesn't there??? Men are good for a few things... for instance: killing snakes (I can kill my own spiders), loading and unloading feed, and if I think of anything else I will add it later! :)

On will the show (vent)!

Today... All I wanted to do was go and get some GOOD apples. Crisp, sweet, little globes of juicy goodness. I had however forgotten than Farm Fest was going on down in Springfield. So mom said oh lets go, or go see the Saanen goats. I would have much rather seen the goats. I do not like FarmFest I'm just odd in that way. First of all it's geared towards hobby farmers, cattleman, backgrounders... etc and so forth and so on. They are also geared towards MEN. Personally I think there needs to be Farm events and shows geared towards women! Novel concept I know... I mean after all women are the the wave of the future in farming. Who do these companies think really "run" the farm for pity sakes!?!? Also there was hardly anything dealing with dairy farming there. No wonder with the prices how they are.

Sigh...ARGH.... Has anyone ever noticed how men go around in packs. I don't think there was one single man walking around today. Also not one single man (exhibitor) at our farm shows will hardly give a woman the time of day if I err we are interested in a product. In this way World Dairy Expo is SO much better. Not much, but some. I could stand at a booth or equipment dealer for a half hour and they would talk to every man that would stop and look and try to walk on rather than answer my questions. Granted I may not have the money (oh how I wish I did), but is this really any way to treat a potential costumer? This is why we do business only with those companies who do take the time to answer any number of questions I might have.

Thankfully they did have one thing for women today... OH I take that back... two. Mary Kay (so you can look GOOD while chasing down those calves who kick in the leg and head butt you.) and a vacuum sweeper! OH GOODY!!! This is for sweeping up all the dirt that makes it past the mud room... saving you time to go and put on that make-up to look good for chores! OH sweet magnolias how have we ever survived!... Yeah I know... so we took a side road of sarcasm. One needs to get off the beaten track and just wing it.

ON to Ford trucks or rather the men who drive them... what gives?! In the events of my life I have yet to met a man who drives a Ford who doesn't have an ego problem. That and they don't know how to drive and are RUDE! I mean... in less than a weeks time, I was in the same Lowes parking lot, SAME space (I have a favorite spot... I know I know weird) and would you believe that 2 different men in Ford trucks cut me off and the one made me back up so he could get in a parking space! I gave them both dirty looks. THEN today the same thing happened... several men, in all FORD trucks, cut in front of me in traffic or cut in so they could get out of the gates first. Men who drive Chevy's, GMC's, Dodges etc. are so much nicer and easier to deal with.

Also whatever happened to men being men? I mean real honest to goodness MEN, gentlemen, providers of the home.Where are they?

I'm tired... but I did get my apples! Cameo, Stellar Gold, and Red Delicious. I would love to try the Black something or others but the likely hood of getting back down there is slim to none. Oh well, need to be thankful for what I've got!

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  1. I love it when you write stuff like this...because you could be writing about us too. lol.
    Hate Ford trucks...have mixed feelings about men. Love the few and far between feed reps who realize that Liz feeds the cows and I pay the bills.