Monday, October 5, 2009

Marching Days...

Well the end of the year is quickly getting here. I don't know where the days have seemed to go. But they are gone, winter is closing in on us and I'm not all that thrilled with the thought of rain, cold, snow, sleet, ice... Can we do a rewind?! I would have like to have been able to enjoy this year more. All in all I think I did as well as one can if they are dairying, have had contractor trouble, other stresses, cows calving late,... One good thing, at least I think, I have the calf scours and that who thing under control.

WHO knew giving 8-way blackleg at 2 days old and feeding 8.6 pound of milk per 100 pounds (note I give our babies a little more) would cause them to not get scours at all! out of 17 on the bottle now, 2 got scours and that was because they were on a cow and getting as much as they wanted, over loaded the the gut and the nasty bacteria grew uncontrollably. Lost one, saved the other. Both bulls. 15 calves NO scours or having to treat them for anything... it's gotta be a record!

On the agenda for today... POST OFFICE! It's a must. Now if I don't forget to go!

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