Monday, October 5, 2009

It's be a

GORGEOUS day. Fixed a hose, painted some in the barn, warmed up in the sun, and have about had it with sub contractors. Why is it so difficult to get receipts for materials that have been bought? I don't know either...

So I'm going to pretend I'm Scarlett this afternoon and think about it tamarra... Now if there was only some one to do chores and sweep me off my feet  with a new truck, trailer, beautiful bovines and cash... LOTS of cash... yes my love can be bought! LOL OK day dreaming minute for the day is OVER. Reality is... I'm still not going to think about it until tamarra, chores are quickly coming upon us, and there is no such man in sight.

Tomorrow's potential episode... Oh Bother... It's raining. AGAIN.

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