Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Morning... I think

Well it's morning time again... I'm not awake, even though I've been "awake" for over an hour and a half now. Some storms were pushing in, and I just couldn't sleep. Sleep... Oh to sleep without thinking.

So anyway it rained, and hailed a tiny bit I think. I'm tired, cold, and grumpy (at least I'm one of the Seven Dwarfs this morning). Irked that I can't even bake my mom a birthday cake. I've not missed baking her a Red Velvet cake in years! And since we don't have an oven I can't BAKE one. ARGH!!!!! So I guess when we get an oven at some point I'll just do one then.

BTW mom Happy Birthday!!!! 143!!!!

And so there ya have it...I don't even remember it raining on her birthday. It's normally always sunny, warm,
blue skies, a lovely day. Hopefully the sun will come out and warm things up, SOON. 

Well it's time to get going... again. :) see ya later all!

1 comment:

  1. Sllep without thinking...boy do I ever hear you there! When I wake up in the morning these days, that's it...I'm awake. And sometimes that is at about three thirty.
    I hate it!
    Happy birthday to your mom.