Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A fine day...

To paint... :-/ well it's needs to be done. Might as well just buckle down and get it done and over with before cold weather makes it nigh to impossible for the paint to dry. So right now every door and window (that will open) is open and drying out.

I don't mind painting as a general rule. But painting a milk barn with all of it'd corners, things to paint around, it's just a a blah ho hum job. I am however going to put some smiley faces out there is time. Might as well smile and be happy right? RIGHT! I love it when everyone agrees with me. :) Even if it's just those voices in my own head!!! tee hee...

No new babies... several in the oven. 2 with colds, weaning 6 or so. Goats are nuts!

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