Friday, November 27, 2009

The 30 days of Thanksgiving...

Are slowly coming to a close. Where has the month gone??? OK I know where the month has gone... I'd rather NOT relive the days of November 2009 if you don't mind. I keep thinking that the days can't get any harder than the next. HA I say HA!

Yesterday takes the cake... I'm not going into it because I'm TRYING to be a good person and forgive, let go, and love they enemy err neighbor. I can telling it's been up hill work ALL bloomin' day! Right now I'm in the "I'm just going to ignore those people, afta all tomorra is another day." "And as God as my witness, I'll never wave at them again, nor any of their kin!" and let me tell ya, that is going to cut down my waving a great deal!

I have GOT to watch Gone with the Wind soon... I'm getting rusty :) ... Some days I just feel like Aunt Pittypat... "I need, my.... smelling salts..... (crocodile tears and waling)". :) Right now I'm mostly feeling like Scarlett in the fact that I need a Rhett... A good looking, wealthy, Rhett who will let me save and fix up "Tara"... lol and let me have all the neighbors "PEA GREEN with being a thorn in their sides." God forgive me... but that's the tamest I can get in written words. God knows my heart... he knows it's just hurting and wanting to fight and say horrible things. Things that to most people I would regret. Things that to these people would go over their heads... which is even more frustrating.

All in all yesterday was a good day. A day of remembering, relaxing, and right down good food. Even if I do say so myself... SELF, ya did good! :) OK so the dressing was a tiny bit salty (oysters fault), and I only burned one finger,the turkey was for the most part done (had to go back in for the final cooking but enough was done so we could eat) and I'm still alive to tell about it. After 4:30 it got rather... well lets not go there... remember we are letting it go... really I am... PROMISE! At least until I forget and start waging a little inner war again. It does amaze me though that people can be so insensive. I could expect it any other time, but on Thanksgiving day... it was more than any of us here could take.

Today I'm thankful for my family... yes we get on each other nerves (more than normal due to the stress), we each have our own way of doing things, and thinking, but I'm still thankful and love them all... We've been through some pretty nasty stuff, some good stuff, fun stuff, and everything thing in-between.

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  1. I'm so happy you and your family were able to enjoy Thanksgiving in spite of all that's going on. I could relate as you spoke about the little things that don't quite turn out the way we hoped with the dinner. Yet it still taste so good! My turkey was a bit overcooked at the top and a bit undercooked at the bottom. And my dressing was a bit under par--I seem to make it different every year-when will I learn?! Yet no one seemed to mind and everyone sure ate their fill!
    Anyway, sorry to be late in wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving-but glad to hear yours was all it should be!
    Love to you from the cabin!
    Claudia O.