Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 17 thankful and rant....

Today has yet to dawn. No sun on the Eastern horizon as of yet. Although it's so cloudy and miserable out I would be able to see it anyway!

Today I am thankful for the consumers who buy US made dairy products. Who have educated themselves and care about the small farmers (who should be put on the endangered species list). Who buy local and support us. WHO know that if it's higher than the store price you are getting a better product (more than likely) . BUY LOCAL, SUPPORT your family farmers!

Remember dairy products don't have COOL (country of origin labeling), but so do say where they were manufactured. See this... never will I buy Nestle's anything again. Or Borden for that matter. I'm sorry but I want to eat US made cheese, not cheese from Mexico (mozzarella I believe, don't quote) , Australia (we import American cheese from there), or cheese made from MPC's that come from India. I'm sorry... I'm just picky I guess.

OK, I have one tiny little rant. It's not good for me to be totally awake in the AM's. This is what burns my biscuits. I am tired of people who down grade what is happening to farmers. Saying well everyone is hurting not just farmers. EXCUSE ME!!!!! We KNOW this country is hurting, but there is a difference when you keep putting if off on the farmers to keep food prices low so you can go buy TV's, cars, second and third homes, etc. This country economy was once fueled by the farmers. If we did good, so went the country.  Now not it's not so. If people are spending money left and right, going in debt for STUFF this country is doing well.

Sigh...During the boom years of agriculture farmers did well, the housing market did well, this NATION did well. No we didn't have every new gadget that came on the market, but we had quality of life. Now the more we advance, the further behind we fall. Could anyone live with out their cell phone for 1 week? Computer/internet? TV shows?

What happened to books? Seeing people face to face? Writing letters... you know with stationary, a pen, a STAMP!?

OK... I need to say this also. Sorry for the rant... there are just times it all bottles up and I can't stand another person saying I have it worse than you, when you are going through some pretty nasty stuff.

I don't care who you are there is always something worse out there happening. But this does not mean we need to stop giving compassion to people who are facing hard times of their own. What happened to compassion and caring? When did this Nation turn into a ME ME ME and ONLY me country?


  1. Couldn't agree more...and so glad to see you have a stove!

  2. Dear Sara,
    Yes, it is so true that here in the US we continually face a fast-paced, complex technological society that places materialism first. Objects and things come before people, entertainment options replace conversations with members of our family. All this has so often caused us to lose the simple joys of life's relationships, which are the essence of Christian fellowship.
    I understand, by reading some of your previous post, that you have been going through a lot. I understand how painful and unfair this life can be sometimes. In my own life, I find that taking a careful look at Philippians 4:6, along with verse 7--"the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"--proclaims that God's chief concern for us is not so mech specific answers to our every request, but that we know His supernatural peace. A prayerful and grateful reaction to God's test in our lives, no matter how painful, unexpected, or difficult to understand at the time, results in our receiving His unsurpassed peace. This is a lesson I learned and still apply in my own life as well, and I share it with you because I care.
    I will pray that our great God will help you to stay faithful in your reading and study of Scripture so that the preventive maintenance of your soul will be strong and that you many know that His peace is available even in the most difficult circumstances. Remembering that God has an ultimate purpose for you and He promises that you will receive no trial or temptation you can't bear. 1 Cor. 10:13.
    Praying for you today-Claudia O.

  3. What Claudia said is something I too have learned and continue to learn. I was just over at Ann's blog, reading her incredible post. I know that what I go through is not always apparent to others. I think we're looking at suffering physically, emotionally, financially -- everything. BUT God is the faithful One. This country has gone the way of me-me-me. Unfortunately, I was only half-awake while it went on in my life time. BUT there are those of us who can make a difference. Keep on keepin' on and praying. It's sooooo tough to thank God in the middle of things that seem unreal. But, it's like Joshua and Caleb who spied out the promise land. The others said it couldn't be done. They said it could. They were the only ones of that generation and above who made it to the promise land. Afer having seen what GOd had done for them, they didn't see what could be done by God coming up. Don't give up or in, except to the Lord and His promises. Keep 'casting your cares' on the Lord. Those internal things - He's the only One who can do anything about that. And from there, comes our outlook. We're in the middle of the chapter or book. God knows how it's all going to come out. Someone once said don't let anything or anyone get between you and God (Like Moses when he was angry at the people and struck the rock instead of speaking to it). Glad you spoke out - hope these things help you. It's like telling you, don't look down or, grab the next rung on the ladder, you can do it! Is that the long form of 'pep-talk'? I think so. Hang on to the Lord. Psalm 37, 40, 46, 104, 105 oh goodness - some good reading and feeding for the heart. Love ya and don't quit. Jenn

  4. P.S. On the other side of things, love the new duds on the blog.