Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's foggy out...

Yup, it's foggy and gloomy. Just like me this AM. Yes I know I should just be perky and happy and all that jazz... but I'm not. Might as well be honest. Most of the time I do really well at being happy when I'm blue, sad and hurting. Not so much so when I'm angry... :)

Tomorrow can't come soon enough. At least tomorrow afternoon. Will fill y'all in more after wards.

Yesterday we got a load (22 bales) of hay for the moo's. Our field-man came at the same time to take a milk sample and since he also milk (jerseys :)...), he preceded to tell the guy it was over priced for what it was. And it was, but what are you going to do? OH well... at least I got to chat with him a while before I started to unload the hay. It was miserable day to do that kind of a job. The front tractor tire was going flat, it was drizzling, wind blowing. And to top it off, the blasted bales wouldn't go on the "forks"! ARGH There was one bale that just would NOT go, I even turned it, flipped it, and finally just rolled it off! I finally managed to get all the bales off. But it was by trial and error. :)

Hey can someone tell me WHY, men who deliver hay have the need to stand and watch you while you unload it? Oh that drives me batty! It's about as bad as a man telling you how to back up and when to stop. I'm sure they think they are "helping", but good heavens it just about does me in some days. :)

Well time for chores... back later to be thankful... :)


  1. What a pain. I hate it when salesmen come in and catch me cussing or having problems....which of course happens all too often. Like today the first cow in the barn is in heat. Had to drive thirty others out past her...and the boss was in the milkhouse chatting with a salesman instead of out helping...major frustration.

  2. I hear ya! My fav is when your heading in from chores and it's cold, wet and miserable and they stop and talk for Ever... ugh. Your freezing, wet and cold, and they are toasty warm sitting in a brand new truck. More than likely one I helped pay for.