Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21 already???

Where has the month gone? Wow it just seem like yesterday we were counting down the almost weeks to Thanksgiving, now it's days.

Today my thankful list is:

Diesel fuel: Don't run a tractor without it! :)

A sharp blade in my knife for cutting bale wrap off the bales. There is nothing worse than a dull blade. It's like chewing steak with no teeth.

Apples... one a day should keep the doctor away... hmm better eat more of them. :)

Ibuprofen... 4 of those a day (at least at night) will relax a person so they can sleep and get some rest. Add in some benedryl SP, a little caffeine... and your good to go!

Yes I'm giddy tonight...why????? I haven't a clue, it's either extreme tiredness, the peace of God, or seeing it's almost Sunday and I can maybe take a nap, watch a movie or both. OR all of the above.

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  1. I've been reading just not commenting. Watching out for you :) well, sorta. Hal Lindsey mentioned 2 Chronicles 20 in his Friday message... especially vs. 17. Lindsey talks about cracking the faith barrier all the time. The jet pilot who cracked the sound barrier experienced all kinds of turbulence before he entered the calm after the sound barrier. Turbulence. Crack. Faith. Calm of Trusting God. (Here's his faith barrier talk - he's a slow talker but it's a great message:
    :) PS - a good moment is GOOD. Enjoy it. Jenn