Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks and yesterday...

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have left comments, or are praying and believing with us. I know it's helping. The days are still hard, getting up and going like nothing is wrong. We have our moments when the worry and doubt try to flood over us, but yet we stand (sometimes it's a little shaky but hey! :)... )  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Yesterday was an odd day, the morning was spent with me crying all though chores, it didn't help that our neighbor had came by. I try to love our neighbors...OK let me be honest... I have tried to love our neighbors. It's up hill work let me tell ya! Anyway one of them came by yesterday morning. My grandmother talked to him, he was worried about us (SHOCKING), he wanted to know if we were OK (again... SHOCKING), he wanted to help (my reaction was huh??? well that was the second part of it... the first was a tad bit sarcastic and snotty even if it was true.). He thought they might try and take the cows and if so we could bring them to his place to keep them safe. That was nice of him to offer, but thankfully all the animals, personal property is ours. He also wanted to know if there was anything he could do, she told him to pray... he said he would be.

In farm news, the tractor tire had gone flat for the 7 time, I personally want a new tire. They can't find anything that's making it go flat in the tire it's self. GRRRR  The odds that the same tire is going flat every time is slim, don't you think. I go the same way coming and going, NOW, would it not make sense, that if I was driving over a nail in a board that at some point I would hit it with the other tire? Sigh... God Bless men... actually bless their minds, they need it. :)

Later on in the afternoon I was sitting out in the swing enjoying the day. When I looked over and saw a little squirrel on the ground, he looked dead so I just watched for awhile. Bless his little heart, he was alive. I managed to get him in a laundry basket without the "help" of our dogs who would have just done what dogs do, so I won't go there. And brought him in the house. I didn't know what to do with him, for him. After all what do you do with a squirrel who's back is broken?  What happened I THINK, was that a Hawk tried to get him and well you know the rest. His last hours were at least warm. RIP little guy... I have to say this little one was my favorite one, also our only squirrel. He would just chatter at the bird something awful. :)

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