Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm cold...

I'm cold... It's mornings like this that make me want to have not very nice thoughts towards certain modular home dealership people, mortgage company people, contractors in general, and attorneys. I've come to the conclusion, THAT, they are all leaches on society. (Forgive me in advance here OK... I know not ALL of the people in these professions are horrible, but the better part of them are. For those who don't know what we have been going through the past 2 years please feel free to go HERE). So it's looking like another cold winter in this house. Does anyone know how tired one gets of being cold? To have to look at a home you can't live in because yet again contractors have messed up? ARGH!!!!!!

Last night while trying to do a good deed for a goat and her feet, I manage to cut, snip, slice... my middle finger on my left hand. I dripped blood from the big barn to the milk barn. And evidently I must have got a nerve ending as it hurts!!! OH boy does it hurt... and it doesn't help that I keep banging it and trying to type with it. Right now it's at a dull throb...

So it's Thursday again... and tomorrow is Friday. We go and pick up the chicken tomorrow. And my weekend of canning will begin. I'm trying not to be disappointed about not being able to go to the NAILE . I've only wanted to go for the past 8 years... oh well maybe next year. :) I keep saying that, maybe one of these next years I'll go!

Does anyone know how hard it is to type with out the middle finger for help??? Middle fingers... they are a GOOD THING... when not injured.

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  1. Hmm, where to sure have my sympathy. Folks who have never been cold indoors have no idea how incredibly miserable it is. You can't can't can't even think when you are chilled. Sorry you are looking at another winter of that.
    And sorry about your finger. I smashed my middle one in the woodstove about a month ago and couldn't type...such misery. You take care!