Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov. 30... last post of Thanksgiving...

It's hard to believe that this month has quickly passed by. Some good days, some bad, some I hope to never remember or relive. Days of waiting, worrying (or trying not to), trusting, crying, praying, with a few days sprinkled with laughter and a smile here and there.

On this last day, I am Thankful that God is seeing  my family and myself through the days. He is never late, never early, always on time. How I grate at that one... God's time isn't MY time. Of course I can't see the whole thing that is going on... I can only see my small view... I feel like a horse must feel with side blinders on. You go in one direction and that's it. Forward, you can't see what's on either side, just what right in front staring you in the face.

I'm so glad that I've also "met" some very sweet and special people through the 30 Days of Thanksgiving. :)


  1. You have a good way of thinking. I hope things somehow work out the way you need them to. We think about you and your family every day.

  2. Thanks, it's more of a pep talk I think than anything. I know deep down it's true, but when you get to thinking about things it's overwhelming at best. :)