Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow day...

It's been a slow paced day. Rather nice... but long.

Today's thankful moment is to the men and women, past, present and future who have served, are serving, and will serve during times of peace and war. And their families who have also made great sacrifices for us and our country. To them... THANK YOU!!!!!!

It's days like today that I wonder what our founding father would think of what has be come of the country they fought and died for. What would they think of our current leaders? I some how doubt they would say well done. This was indeed our vision for this country.

 In farm news... I've managed to (90%) thwart the goats of getting out of their new pen!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Score one for me... As I was talking to them tonight, yes I talk to my animals... yes they understand me... I KNOW they do. I used to be a nice and fairly calm person until we got goats. Now, even though I love them dearly, they do stress a person out. They go nuts if they aren't in constant contact with their family group. They will scream bloody murder until they are reunited. :) I think they all need goaty cell phones with little goaty headsets so they can go around in goat lingo saying "Can you hear me now?" Wouldn't that be a hoot!?

Yes I'm a little off tonight. I'm blaming it on being up from 2-4 this morning. Couldn't sleep... my mind would just race from one thought to another. Tomorrow I'm going to take some pictures of the new house, it's mold, it's mushrooms, where it's still leaking. And begin to tell the story of DD Homes and the Wild Contractor.  :) And how everything (or so they want us to believe) is and was our fault.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Had goats once upon a time...had a goat dairy. Raised calves on the milk. They were nice, but...

  2. Go-aty phones? That was funny! :) (I guess I didn't get by here yesterday??