Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Stills... the early edition

Playing with a stick... it's still attached to the tree... Silly puppy...

"My Crew"
Front to back: Wallace *AKA Wally or Bunny*, Ranger *he's not fat, he's just a solid fluffy*, Scout ... words can't begin to describe her. :)

"You lookin' at me?!"

KJ or King James... He definitely has the little man ego problem. He's a banty cochin rooster, who likes the big girls over his own kind girls. :)

"Just a swingin'"
Good ole Bernice... she a bird of a different color mentally wise.

"Hillbilly Koi Pond"

Yeah, they are goldfish. Yeah they are in our concrete water tank (it's 2.5'x12x12). It waters 3 different pastures. and yes they do just fine during winter. Providing the water level doesn't freeze to much if it's low.
Some day I would like the "real deal" but for now this is it. :)

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  1. This is great! Your chickens are beautiful and you have great looking dogs. I don't know why I didn't think to photograph our fish in their pond. Probably because if they see me they end up hiding. lol!


  2. i used to have goldfish in a pond at our old house, i miss it now
    you have good looking birds :)

  3. Great shots KJ looks like a little furball..:-)

  4. I don'e know why, but I love chicken shots!
    Goldfish in a water tank - great idea.

  5. Wow, you sure have a lot of fur and feathers around the house. Love them all.

  6. To me, they are all just wonderful! Love the chicken pics. We always kept gold fish in our stock tanks too until we had to go to village water, which is chlorinated.
    Great job!

  7. I'm beginning to realize that lots of people have chickens. they are so cute! Love all the shots.

  8. All great photos! I love the doggies all in the seat of your vehicle. Really cute. I like the chickens too!

  9. Good post,I like the commentary.

  10. I mostly commented via FB. But, I'm still trying to figure out what the "NEWS" was/is (I think in your bittersweet post. Anyway, a bit of celebration of various things and lights and fixed tractor buckets. Not bad. :) Jenn

  11. Kodie looks so cute! and Bernice is making a striking pose.

    Ebie's Sunday Stills Challenge.

  12. I ♥ all of your furry kids, each and every one of them. The feathers and the finned, too☺

  13. Wonderful looking crew you have! You captured some great expressions on that Chicken and that rooster..well done! Glad you got your stove:)