Monday, November 9, 2009

Waiting and wondering...

Well I was going to post my 30 Days of Thanksgiving after we got what I was going to be thankful for. HOWEVER, it didn't show up... grrr You see the oven in our stove went out and so did our washing machine, well not it's oven but it just shot craps. All in the same week, well a dairy farm can not live without a washing machine, so that was #1 on the list. This took 2 weeks to get.

Well after much research, price comparison shopping we went with a local store who ordered our new stove. It's such a popular model that it was on back order for a month. Well a month came and went, rain fell, so did the leaves, cow calved and the world kept right on ticking along. So FINALLY we called (I should say my grandmother) called 2 weeks ago. It would be in next week (last week), delivered by Thursday at the latest. OK so Wednesday came and went, so did Thursday and Friday. :-/ Would you believe that the stove came in, but was damaged?! Sigh... not to fear though, they had found us another oven in St.Louis!!! YIPPEE!!! it would be shipped down on Saturday and delivered at 1PM today. 1 o'clock came and went, so did 2,3,4 O'clocks ... funny thing... the stove hadn't made it to the warehouse in Springfield SO the guys could pick it up, BUT it should be there now or early AM tomorrow. Y'all I'm not going to hold my breath. I would cry but I can't. I think I've sprained my tear ducts from all the tears of the past 2 years.

ON the bright side... it didn't rain (#1 thankfulness), I've managed to thwart the goats for a few hours (wickedly laughing and #2 thankfulness), it was in the 70's today (#3 thankfulness), and I'm very thankful for Ibuprofen... I will be taking some to relax these pent up muscles of mine.

In other news, 3 flocks of geese went over. It's the 4th I've seen this Fall... 1st one was a flock of snow geese, these last 3 were Canadian. It always fascinates me at there ever changing flight patterns in the sky. Then I wonder... do the same geese stay in the same flock, do they know each other, if other flocks land at the same place to rest do they leave all at the same time or do they leave when their flock leaves, and how fast can they fly, and how far do they go in a day? It's always a sad time when the geese go over in the Fall, it truly seems to make it real that winter in on it's way.


  1. Oh, how I pray your oven comes in the morning. I went without a washing machine for a clothes dryer for a couple of weeks in the winter and by the time the repairman finally arrived I wanted to make him a part of my family and never let him leave! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your good news.

  2. :) Can totally relate!!!!! Our Dry went out two weeks after the washer, thankfully it was just a belt and my uncle could fix it. It was so cold and damp from all of the rain, our close would hardly dry.

    So thankful for repairmen and family who know what to do!

  3. I guess I need to read the rest of your posts to catch up on what all's been going on w/you. (Only started reading 1st of Nov.) I've glanced across a few back posts ... lots happening. I sure hope it starts to settle down for you. Take a breath. Also, look at Philippians 4:6-7. Just hand it over to the Lord for peace in your heart/mind. It works. Doesn't mean we don't keep moving, just means we get peace. Lynne talked about that on her blog today and it's one of my favorite verses. Go with it. Love ya, Jenn