Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where or where will

the cows be, oh where or where will they have gone?  :) Good morning y'all... As I was sitting here pondering the day ahead. I was wondering if the milking moo's had found the open gate and were on their fresh pasture this AM. I'm sure some of the toast colored bovines have... others... God bless 'em, they don't have the sense God gave a gourd!

Take this for example, you are trying to get your very nasty bull penned up. You have the gate WIDE open, as wide as it will go!!! He has seen other walk right on through the gate... but will he? NOPE, nodda, not one step in that direction. GRRR (which BTW was what he was doing)... We did finally manage to get him penned up.

Then last night... I had just 2 more bovines to get moved... One... her and I have issues... I love her... she won't let me with in 50 feet of her. Would she go through the gate? NOOOOOO we have to RUN like I'm trying to kill her (OK so I've thought about it once or twice... JK!!!!!! maybe). If she wasn't out of such a good cow I would have sold her long ago, but she is the only one I have. What's a girl to do???

Well I best get ready for chores, it's going to be a busy day!


  1. Fun, fun, old is the bull? He sounds kinda scary.

  2. Scarlett.... he's gone. :) He was just 2 and a half, but meaner than sin! And even the guys loading him were a WEE bit scared of him. Made me feel better that it wasn't just me who didn't want to be on foot around him.

    I just hope and pray no one was hurt while messing with him at the stockyard.

  3. Oh ... I LOVE your blog! I had my speakers on yesterday (Harvester) and today (Elvira). Just totally enjoying your posts! Thanks!