Thursday, December 17, 2009

Change & Vintage...

Some places never change. I was thinking this as I was standing in the tire shop today. Sigh... The building is the same, smells the same, owners (all be it they are 32 years older than when we first moved here and for some reason they don't seem as tall... :-), the office, all the sounds... It's a comfort of sorts. Yeah the guys fixing the flats have come and gone. Modern equipment and of course new tires... but it's just as I remember it as a little girl going in with whomever was going to town. Mostly during the summer when I was still in public school. Such simple times... hard, but simple. How I wish I could just go back to being a kid again... Which brings me to this....

Vintage... I like vintage cook booklets, quilt booklets, patterns (sometimes) and so forth and so on. So while browsing on EBAY a little bit ago, I came across a VINTAGE sewing book... cool I thought... IT WAS FROM 1978!!!!! I'm VINTAGE now?! I would have just let my head fall on my keyboard here except if I did I might lose my V key forever. So I just sat here for a while... and started looking again. And that was when I came across something REALLY wonderful... another VINTAGE sewing booklet... :-) this time from the 1980's!!!!!!!!! Oddly enough this made me feel better. :) So now the kids from the 80's are starting the vintage down hill swing... great peace of mind I can tell ya!

Well it's been a day here at the O K Dairy Corral... I took advantage of the warm weather and cleaned off the holding pen and side lot. The last time I'll do that nasty chore for 2009. And it more than likely won't happen again until late January or February of 2010. It's amazing how this year is winding down. And it seems like everyone can't wait for it to be over with and a new year and decade to begin. I hope and pray that the new year brings some stress relief and better times for one and all.

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