Thursday, December 3, 2009

checking the forecast

I can't help it, I don't like winter... I think if I lived somewhere that there were winter sports or at least the thought of be able to do something fun during the winter months besides tripping, sliding, falling or frozen ruts, cows paths or all of the above except being glazed in ice I would be a much nicer person. :)

Around these parts winter is just blah... I'm sure if I lived were there was snow for most of the year I wouldn't like that any better, nor if I lived where it was mild in winter and roasting in the summer... I guess I'm just NOT happy in extremes... Is it really to much to ask that we don't go from the 60's for highs to the low 30's all in one day? OH well...

I'm hoping the water hose will thaw with some sunshine on it... just read the forecast... the cold is here!!!!! I know that's breaking news... :) but on the up side... no rain or snow for today. Yesterday saw our first snow coming down. It melted instantly, but according to folk lore (ya gotta love this one) the day you get your first snow fall is how many snows you'll have... HEY 2 isn't bad... :)

Gotta run...pray the tractor starts without have to put the battery charger on it... I just hate having to do that...

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