Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I would have to say that HOPE is a great free gift...  Hope means so much, and it's such a little seed when it begins it's life. It's easily encouraged to grow, however it can be snuffed out in a moment. And all it takes to do either are words... good words, encouraging words, words said in anger, words that come and either disappoint or throw you for a loop. Words written, heard and said can shatter your hope. But thankfully we have God and his son, who are always there, ready to pick us up and if need be carry us until we can walk in confidence and hope again.

Hope is... Hope... Faith , hope and love... all linked. If you have hope, you have faith, if you have faith, you can love, if you can love you have hope... and the never ending circle will continue. It's always there, I don't care how low you might feel (trust me... I know LOW and believe me I've been in the depths of despair lately) and yet I hope... I have faith in God that all is and will work out...

Yes I'm giving myself a little pep talk... we all need it now and again... :)

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  1. The sun comes up every morning. Even if it's cloudy, the sun is there behind the gray. Life goes on. Circumstances change but Life goes on.