Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Dairy Farmers 12 days of Christmas...

Here's how I see it. On the 12th day of Christmas the Dairy gave to me:

12 Springer HEIFERS (who are all insane BTW boy I wish I had some fresh, right now we are waiting until spring...)

11 dratted bull calves (thankfully I only have two now and they are about to wear me slick!)

10 dollars a hundred (I want to send a Thank YOU to all the people who made this year so nasty and possible... yes I'm being sarcastic. HEY but that's an idea... maybe we should all send Christmas cards to all the executives and thank them and tell them our personal stories... wouldn't do any good but maybe a little guilt wouldn't hurt some of them... some where there has to be a shred of something good in everyone... Right???)

9 dairy goats a jumping (out of their pen most likely)

8 in heat JERSEYS!!!!!!! (Heaven help us!)

7 flat tires (same tire, same time... always AFTER the tire shop closes in the evenings)

6 chicken laying their eggs in all the hidden places (favorite spot is the bed of the truck... go figure)

5 dogs barking at nothing (one is deaf as you remember)

4 degrees for a LOW (yup that's us this AM)

3 house cats (one with a baby who managed to survive the kitten massacre of '09 thanks to Kodie)

2 pairs of rubber boots!!!!! can't leave the house with out em... at least my pair.

1 truck, with 1 head light, 1 tail light, one PERFECT driver :), chasing 1 STUPID STUPID STUPID fresh heifer who at one time liked... now, NOT so much. :)

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!!!


  1. Great post!! I admire your sense of humor during these hard times!
    And I like the Christmas cards to execs idea especially.

  2. Well I figure it's better to try and laugh than cry. And I might as well be happy... why... I makes me fell better. :) lol not for all that long but hey!!!!!