Monday, December 14, 2009

Grand plans

Don't we all do it? We have great plans and such of what we are going to get done, when, where, how... so forth and so on... yadda yadda yadda.

Well MINE was to get the tree done today... HA... I just wasn't inspired. I did get the bow made, lights on, garland strung, and the bow topper on... OH and 3 ornaments... Like I said, I'm just not inspired. It didn't help that the tree was leaning... and the more I did to stop the lean, the MORE it tried to come over and out... Thankfully I had to for thought to get some florist wire. So it's now wired to the wall. In the same fashion as when I was a little girl. Some trees stand... others need a little help. :)

So maybe tomorrow I'll have the tree fully dressed. Right now it's just not happenin'.

In other news... Snippy, good ole Snippy, a short, fat, wide as she is tall and NO I'm not exaggerating, cow is dare I say it... starting to make a bag?!?! woo hoo... I'm sure you can all guess how the Snipster  got her name...she's had an attitude problem for many a moon. So we may have another new one before years end, we'll see. It would be Snippy to do this. I know people don't believe this, but I do believe cows conspire against us at times. I'm sure they chat during the day as to how they can get us to go and act like fools. Then laugh behind our backs.

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  1. Ain't that the truth! The cow conspiracy thing! I have one that has trouble getting up and down in her on warm nights I still let her outside. Want to bet she has stepped over the electric fence...again...she is so tall...and is off collecting burdocks to swish into my hair. lol