Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year... last post... Promise

Well this is my last post of 2009. I'm in for the night... shower taken, hair washed... warm for the moment.

Hopefully the warm water will help my head. It's still aching and pounding at times. It's be quite the little interesting day around here. Right now I'm just tired and almost ready to go to bed. I have no plans of staying up until the new year comes to my part of the world. I'm going by Australia time... and as it is they are closer to January 2. SO :)

Here's to '09. So long, farewell, good bye, toodles, ta ta, good riddance to bad rubbish.

My prayer for the New Year... Lord, Here I am... I'm tired, emotional and am only asking for you to take my stress, troubles, and handle them. Also while I'm asking would it be to much for some really awesomely good stuff to happen? And Lord while I'm at it, bless friends (near and far) and family beyond what they can imagine.

Very truly yours... Sara... amen...

Goodnight all!!!!!!!!


  1. AMEN!! Happy New Year! Jenn

  2. Dear Sara,

    Your post made me bow my head, and cry. So much just bottles up inside,and it certainly doesn't do any good to be upset about it. But it is nice to be reminded to where and to whom, we can turn to. The One who knows in secret, who sees in secret, please bless my daughter,guard her with your angel's and keep her in Your care. I love you !! Joyful New Year!!! Mom

  3. I love your prayer Sara, it fits a lot of places I guess. 2009 will be memorable but certainly not for the good things that happened. I hope your new year is better in every way and that those wonderful things do come your way.

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