Friday, January 1, 2010


I'm trying really hard to keep up beat. TODAY it's up hill work. The tractor won't start, our battery charger's cord is broken so I could use that one to boost it up and go last night, borrowed my uncles, it won't do. Bought a NEW one. It's won't do either.

NOTE: It's been since 1:33 PM that I've tried to finish this. Tractor has yet to go... grrr PRAY PLEASE!!!

We had a Mennonite neighbor come to feed. He charged us $35.00... oh well... I'm not going there. the cows are fed, waters, milked, and that's all that I can do.

SO here I am... it's a little after 11PM. It's been one heck of a day. NOT the worse New Years Day I've ever had, but it ranks right up there. Temps never broke the 32 degree mark.

Tears, you betcha, tiredness... yeah baby, aches and pains... splinters in fingers, diesel fuel... for the first time in over 12 hours I don't smell like it... WOO HOO... :) Things are looking up.

OHHHHHHH if any of you ever have the chance. Bio Silk is GREAT for hair but also for your skin. My legs get horribly dry and chapped in winter. So much so they crack and water and most lotions make them feel worse than they do (it hurts so bad I have been known to cry),vit E is OK but the bio silk is the first thing that has soothed the pain. It's good stuff George! And it smells good to! If you read the bottle it will tell you that it can be used like a lotion. And it only takes a TINY amount.

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  1. Biosilk looks like it's a bit on the pricey side. Is it? Might want to try this: