Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Pauls mother...

Yup, it's news to me also... strange little week we've been having.

It all started when my grandmother and I had to go to the great big city... KC to the attorneys office. I had dreaded this trip. It's an easy 3 hour drive from here and that is with a little extra help on the gas peddle. :) I don't have a problem with speeding, just a problem with the limit being to low. Simple as that! :)

It really bothers me going from 1 lane cow paths to 4 lanes of interstate, to 6, then 10, then back to 6 then 8... how is it that if I stay in the same lane, I end up in the middle lane and then the far left... I have yet to figure this one out. Oh well, why try.

Big city's fascinate me. From a distance... going into downtown KC is an experience. Only because I'm used to fast moving bovine in brown, rather than people in fashionable clothes... I of whom am NOT one of those. The parking garages make me woozy and I can make myself car sick if I take going up or down then to quickly. And the elevators... LAVENDER DOORS! I know mom... shake your head. That's OK... I don't like the elevators at the something or other building... I know I left my stomach on the 22nd floor and it didn't catch up until later... it was all I could do to not stumble out once we landed on the 3 floor in less than 30 seconds... there had to be some G forces going on... OH MY GOODNESS!!! All in all it went as well as can be expected. More news on this later.

After we got home, our neighbor to the north... you know the one who in 32 years of being neighbors has never managed to keep his cattle or hogs (when they were still in the hog business) home... It's not that we don't get along... but well we just don't see eye to eye) Well him and his wife stopped by with a bag of oranges, a bag of apples, a pineapple, and a small frozen turkey... MERRY CHRISTMAS! she said... and wanted to know if we were doing alright. I was dumbfounded, I mean... never in all of our years here have they EVER wished us a Merry Christmas or anything... I managed a thank you and some chit chat... and came in to bring in my bounty. Oh my ... strange little day...

Then today... one of our cell phones was ringing, I answered... hello... HELLO... and I got this... OH you must be Paul's mom... is he there?... ummm no, sorry you have the wrong number. OH OOOOOOOOKKKKK. They just called back not to long ago... still looking for Paul... So PAUL who ever you are... give this girl your right number!!! I'm too young to be a mother of a teenager or 20 something year old. Aren't I?

Strange little days...

OHHHHH... Farm news!!!!! Snippy Jr. has finally started taking her bottle!!!!!!! doing the dance of joy here! she's also "woken" up. And she's a loud mouthed little tiger, who butted my finger tonight in a direction that fingers aren't supposed to bend... oh well,  what's a little swelling right?


  1. How nice that your neighbors awoke to what fine folks you are. Little things can make a big difference when times are hard. Take care!

  2. I absolutely love the humor in your writing and tales. I'm glad Snippy Jr is doing good! Sorry 'bout your fingers. Funny thing, animals and digits, knees, shins, feet, things like that. I'm hoping to hear good news about 'the other stuff' some day. Hoping you have a very merry happy and blessed Christmas! You all give each other hugs from me to each of you! Jenn