Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunny but chilly...

Today brought some much needed and welcomed sunshine. Weather wise the week is looking so so... warm so no snow, but rain. I don't know which I'd rather have. Snow or Rain... snow rain snow rain... neither! That's it... I would rather have neither. I'll take the cold, but can do without the moisture.

I really should be out doing chores while I have daylight to help. And I still have to put hydraulic oil in before I do my major morning chores tonight. We have to see our atty tomorrow in KC. A 3 hour drive at best...ugh... one way! So I'm trying to get that out of the way to save time. I may even make some cookies if I finish in time. It will help to get my mind off of things.

What was going to be a peaches and cream in our atty's words, is now getting messy.  I try not to think about it... at least until I'm forced to. And after tomorrow I'm not going to think about it until next week. I hope it's not wrong to just want things back the "normal" stressful... I'm tired of thinking of PT, JK, GK, and all the others who have helped us into this mess, including our some neighbors.

Right now I'm tired (so very tired of more than the daily grind), and my emotions seem to be on edge. I keep telling myself, something good has to happen. Right? Then I war in my mind about the DELAP payment and how in the AG secretary's words... is going to help stabilize the industry. I'm sorry... but I don't see where $1400.00 if that is going to cover over $20,000.00 plus in lost income. Maybe he is trying his hand at miracles... It always brings to mind this:

We the Willing
                      Led by the Unknowing
                    Are doing the Impossible
                       For the Ungrateful.

                      We have done So Much
                         With So Little
                           For So Long
                      We are now Qualified
                         To do Anything
                          With Nothing.

So true... Promise to be in a more Christmas like mood later... :)


  1. Catching up on my blog reading. You had some funny tales on your blog - and ouch that calf doing that hurts to think about it. I sure hope things go well tomorrow - been in my prayers. We can't count the way things look - cuz God works in ways that seem impossible. So, I'm holding for miracles. Stay warm, drive safe and keep holding on to God's Word, and God.

  2. Jenn... Thanks... it just gets to me. It's going to take a miracle to get us through this, past, and into something better. Like just the normal stress of dairy farming! :) hugs!!!!