Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sewing Machines...

There are just days when I would LOVE to toss the one I have... other days not so much. TODAY was one of those days.

I was endeavoring to make some calf coats for Phoenix and Snippy Jr. (who by the way kicked my TWICE on the back of the leg this morning. She is a demon seed I just KNOW it!!!) anyway I bought some fleece and a dog coat pattern, made a few changes... (I never follow the pattern directions... unless I mess up and then I read them). I turn on my faithful sewing companion, change feet, and away we go... until we get to the second seam. I was just sewing along thinking I was joining the two pieces, OH NO that would have been to simple. OK no bobbin thread. Took the bobbkin  out and there was still thread in the bobbin but it wouldn't feed, fixed that. AND away we go again... now the top thread is breaking, it did it twice! I had bits of thread flying every which way, my temper was rising quickly, and was on the verge of tossing the calf coat or the spool of thread. Thankfully it started working and I got at least one done. One more to go for the cute calf with and attitude problem... :)

I'm going now... 

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  1. Nice idea making your own calf coats. We have a couple commercial ones and they make all the difference in keeping them going in the cold weather.
    But I hate bobbins. lol Alan sews quite often and he always leaves me with an empty bobbin