Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm pursed of lip...

Well the bread was a dismal failure. The "starter" never started. I guess the Lord knew what he was doing in not putting me in pioneer times. I personally have always thought I would have made an excellent pioneer. HA! I say again HA! I detest hand sewing (my thinking is... if God gave someone the idea and know on making a sewing machine then that means I'm to USE that machine, besides I love gadgets!), I like Air Conditioning, I think central heat would be utterly delightful (having never known life with it I can imagine) ! I LOVE heated seats in a vehicle :-) ... and how would I live without my laptop and internet?!?! Yes I know I could... but do I really want to??? NAH...

Anyway today has been a cold and nasty one. The wind just wouldn't lay, and even though the sun shone all day the wind just made it miserable to be out side. It feels more like a January cold than a December cold if that makes any sense what so ever. I some how thought it would be like that. This year the months seem to be switched.

I was thinking though... a great free gift is a simple smile. Have you smile at a random person today? I try to when I'm out and about, well if I'm not grieved of mind, body and soul. You can get some of the funniest expressions in return and every once and a while a smile in return... So get out there and smile! Raise your face value.


  1. :) Your post made me smile. You sound pretty good. That's good. Sorry about the bread. It's late - see ya here, there or in the air. Jenn

  2. I go out and smile at folks too. Here on the cranky, unfriendly east coast they look at me like I'm nuts and shake their heads and walk away....but I figure that I at least made them scratch their heads and wonder what was up with the weird lady. Sorry the bread was a failure. I have always wanted to make it, but never tried, because I heard rumors that it is extremely challenging.

  3. You're wishing for central heat and I'm loving not turning mine on!
    Smiling at strangers is a nice lift for both of us. In my part of the east coast, a smile gets returned more often than not.

  4. Jenn... my heart is still shaky, I can cry at the drop of a hat or be happy. Yesterday was a better day... today is yet to be seen. :)

    threec's... isn't it funny some of the looks that you can get. Good for a laugh some days. I never knew that Salt Rising bread was so difficult... and it didn't help that I found out I needed to use cornmeal with the germ intact! ARGH!!!!

    June... if you lived in an old (160 year old) rock and concrete home with NO insulation you would dream of HVAC and warmth. :) There is just no amount of heat you can put in this place that will keep it warm during the winter. The kitchen is normally in the 40's of an AM until we get the oven going for a meal or bread.

  5. I remember living in such a house when I was a kid. We had a kerosene stove in the kitchen, closed off every other room except the upstairs bedrooms. We'd put our clothes close to the stove to warm them up before we shucked what we were wearing. We bathed in a metal tub in front of the stove. I was just little, so that was home, but yeah...I can imagine it gets a little old never feeling *warm.*