Saturday, December 5, 2009

I will be glad...

when my contract with Hughesnet is up. besides the cost, it's getting really old to have uplink issues and web acceleration issues... ARGH. Half the time it seems when you are trying to do something it won't work. It's just very frustrating.

Where will I go when it's up? Haven't a clue... but somewhere with GOOD internet at a CHEEP price. :)

Well I made bread yesterday... not Salt Rising, but just simple white bread and cinnamon bread... it's pretty good even if I do say so myself. It's not as good as Mom's but it will have to do. She makes the best bread...sourdough, honey whole wheat, and then healthy bread... you know the kind that is good for you but some of us just can't take the taste... Yup that's me. She does her bread without yeast... :-/ I need all the help I can get. :)

OK I have a tiny rant here... last night I had to go and get dog food. Some how I managed to forget it earlier in the day. I also needed to get some blinds, some spray stuff to help the tractor start (at the moment it's eluding my mind), and some crackers. OK so all went well got most of the stuff I went for. Came home got one pkg of mini blinds ready to go. I measured TWICE before I went.. 31" ... I buy the 31" blinds... come home...get ready to replace the old ones with the new. Would you believe that 31" blinds are no longer 31"... yup they are 30"'s being sold as 31". I checked the other pkg and it's the same way. This means I'm going to have to back into town and exchange them. ARGH!!!!! Now it's another wasted trip back into town that could have been avoided had they just not had false labeling. I know it's not that big of a deal but dag gum it all... isn't my time important? Wasted gas... sigh  

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  1. That is just maddening. Is your dog food working as advertised? We can't seem to pump enough pedigree into our dogs to keep them fat, but if we add other stuff they add weight. Wonder if it is an obesity of doggies thing...