Friday, December 11, 2009

It's been a long day...

So what's happening with everyone?!

Not so much going on here, farming, choring, thawing, soaking up the sunshine. There were various sized brown bodies sun bathing today. Warmth... It was 45 today! It felt like a heat wave.

Mom and I went and got a Christmas tree today... while waiting for them to get back to the tree lot we went to a Flea Market... lots of pretty and pricey things. And mom being one who doesn't know a stranger started chatting with a fellow dairyman. We are all alike... us dairy farmers. Tired looking, believe it when I see it (that might just a be a Show Me State thing), keepin' on keepin' spirit of what else are you gonna do?

At least it's nice to know that there are still some of use out here in my neck of the woods.

Oh does anyone know how to fix the V key on my lap top? I was broke long ago by someones cat... who shall remain nameless. Well I fixed it or so I thought... and now it won't stay on where it's supposed to be. ARGH

Okey smokey y'all I'm going now... have a good one. :)

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