Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jane Austin and such

Don't you just love reading Jane Austin's books? sigh a little sigh... I've watched the movie "Being Jane" twice, enjoy the PBS versions of her books better than Hollywood's. WITH the exception of Emma... and possibly Sense and Sensibility, and at some point in my life I would like to attempt making the quilt inspired by her or something like that. It's in the someday maybe mental pile of STUFF to do before I kick the bucket.  However, I sometimes literally do kick a bucket now and again. So maybe I should just rethink that... :) It makes me wonder though, will I have a sewing machine in heaven? I hope so... I just can't stand sewing by hand. :)

Well the tree is in the house, it's up, and watered. I do wish I could have captured mom's face when I came in earlier this evening. We had made a deal... she was going saw off the bottom of the tree if I, would just bring in the saw. BG So I brought it in and went about my chores. :) Came in, and there she sat, a look of disgust  on her face, the tree on the sofa and chair, the hack saw and the other saw, fir needles and such on the floor... I couldn't help but laugh. She wasn't amused, and told me to stop laughing... hey it was a comical scene!

Any who, the tree is up and relaxing, got some garland today at Micheal's, and by tomorrow night the tree should be all adorned with lights, ornaments and pretty garland.

BTW... Phoenix is doing well... :) she's already kicked me once, thinks I the enemy still, but I hope at some point will calm down. What a sweet little face... MUST remember to take her picture!

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  1. Phoenix? You picked my name??? Woohoo!!! I'm a mother!!! Well, a grandmother? A great aunt? Whatever. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see her picture!