Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Stills... Pets


The ever present watch dog... what she's really waiting and watching for is her most non-favorite neighbor (it's the whole family) to chase... Naughty little dog...


This is what he does best... :) He's never been a really active dog... maybe that's why he's so Fluffy! :)


AKA: Wally, Bunny, Wallace Eugene (when he's being bad), Mr. Hateful... What a little terror he can be... :)


Some dogs are just dorky... she is one of them... our first dorky dog. God bless her (with some sense!) :)


Checking out his first Bumble Bee... :)

Had to go to the archives this week... I never seemed to have my camera handy other than for shots of the moon with the P&S camera.

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  1. Looks like you captured each of their personalities in these photos.

  2. love the spotted dog (ACD?), and the dorky one, she is just cute.

  3. Cute doggies. The "Dorky" one looks likes she's having a bad hair day. :)

  4. Your dogs have personality! Wallace and your names for him cracks me up. We have dorky dogs, too, they make the best pets.

  5. Cute pets...a nice shot of Ranger

  6. I love Whinny...her name, and that she looks so much like Toto from the Wizard of Oz!

    Great shots of your furries.


    word veri: pectin

    Sure wish I had some pectin...and some more fresh fruit from our fruit trees. brrrr!

  7. I love your Sunday Stills. We tried to name our dog "Scout". He just wasn't a scout. Fidn't dit him a'tal. Love each of the shots - so peaceful, funny, neat. :) Jenn

  8. Great shots of your friends. I especially liked the snow shots!

  9. Your scout looks like my Missy!

  10. hehe you have all sorts of pups over there! :)
    the white one looks really sweet and innocent

  11. Love the coloring of Scout. Ranger looks very content! lol All of the dogs are enjoying what they are doing!

  12. What great pics of the pooches! I love the pic of Ranger.