Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Stills...

Firstly... I can find my thingy to transfer pics from my camera to the comp. here. ARGH... that's what I get for searching for them in the dark.

FYI, the jars are now filled with various yummy goodness. I wonder though, what did the previous owner put in these jars to feed her family? We acquired these jars (a whole huge lot of them) from our IBA guy. Over the past several years we've aged and gotten to know each other. Talk of our mutual thoughts on politic, the dairy industry, the house, and family... and I usually will ask him something he doesn't know... not on purpose however. :)

He knows we can a great deal in the summer. And so one time when he came he was loaded down with two HUGE boxes, and one 55 gal. drum of canning jars. You see his mother passed away with in the last year or so, and while cleaning up he came across these jars and thought we could put them to good use.

We are... I can't help thinking about her. Who she was... farm wife, mother of two boys, and a person besides. And what she put into these jars for her family. I would love to meet her once in Heaven. Then I sometimes wonder if my great grand parents and her and her husband have met... OK I'll stop rambling on... :)

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  1. Looks like you could use some of hubby's wood turned lids. :):)

  2. The end for someone can mean new beginings... nice post.

  3. Love old jars. That was nice your friend thought of you. Somday, I will get back to canning.

  4. Great story and Shirley made a great statement too...

  5. Nice post and cool mason jars..:-)

  6. Neat angle. Makes the ordinary look very unique. Nicely done.

    Happy New Year!


  7. Jars make me wonder sometimes an auction sale in a bushel basket..I bet they have some stories to tell..excellent post:)