Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Things I will watch on TV

It's amazing to me the things I will end up watching, and in turn fascinate me. On Sunday (at least I think it was then) I started watching a program about the AB (Aryan Brotherhood or The Brand). Just a tiny bit scary if you ask me. One thing about it, I'll never look at shamrock tattoos the same way again. Not that I've seen any, but I'm just say... Well you never know the meaning behind some things.

How does a person get to the point of becoming a murderer? And in turn joining a gang in prison, and doing additional murders? I just don't get it... Although I don't get why people would choose to start dairy farming in today's market and economy either. Both seem fairly nuts... IMHO.

BUT I was thinking... don't groan people. I think that Dairy Women need to start our own "gang". The DS (Dairy Sisterhood, the Poop Shoveler's, the If I have to figure out once more, how I'm going to make $100.00 go towards $1000.00, I'll scream...) Yup... I figure we could all get our own tat's... a hoof print. Those who cross us... watch out! A frozen cow pie can be quite the weapon! And of course we would pray for them. After all they need it...

All kidding aside, dairy women need something. There are getting to be fewer of us, the support system isn't there anymore. And besides that, something needs to be done to help farmers. Farm Aid is just about a joke... A topic for another time and another place... who knows maybe next year I'll do that for my first post.

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  1. I am doing that $100/1000 thing today, paying some year end bills...and deciding who gets what (if anything). It is discouraging and I do wish there were more places to turn just for moral support. Blog friends are wonderful for that though, about as good as can be.
    Take care