Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's just one of those kinds of mornings.

Good things do happen though. This AM is going better than yesterday, the goats are eating their minerals, Passions little Precious is doing well (granted it's only been 24 hours but HEY!), no yearling steers are nursing the dry cows that I know of (at least now I know why the cows have been freshening in with mastitis... grrr... that ole son is heading to the stock yards come Tuesday morning), Tempest is doing better even though she got back in the big pen, and I'm wrapping up morning chores. Just the babies left to feed.

I'm planning on sewing some this afternoon. We'll see if it happens... pics of the hay coming later today! The little man has yet to call me back. This is rather irksome... OH WELL

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