Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's cold... C O L D. And it looks as though the temps are going to be getting a great deal colder in the days to come. Cold and windy. OH and more snow!!! ~ jumping up and down in a fit of happiness ~ NOT. Oh well I shall NOT look at the dark side. I will look on the bright side... and that is... umm... well... hmm, I'll sure there is something... there has GOT to be something... I'VE got it! NO FLIES are buzzing around! woo hoo!!!!

So something nice happened today. We get our hay from some of our neighbors, and they have been growing tomatoes and cucumber in a greenhouse this year. Anyway when they brought hay for the week JB brought a small sack of tomatoes and 2 cucumbers. Being one who doesn't eat maters I don't know how they tasted but the cucumber was pretty dog gone good! Something fresh and local this time of year is a wonderful thing let me tell ya!

I keep forgetting to mention we had one more calf before Christmas. A little unexpected bull calf. :) so we didn't end the year on a heifer note, but Rudy is doing well. I've made some calf coats tonight for the little ones, seeing as the high on Thursday is going to happen at midnight and be in the single digits for a few days the little guys need a little extra help keeping warm. Someday I'm going to have  proper calf barn that's not drafty. I say this every year... :)

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