Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No clouds to speak of...

Good morning from a frigid SWMO farm. Thankfully the fire is starting to go. Woo HOO. The floor temp in this old house in around the 40's air temp 70. So somewhere in the middle is the true temp. At least it's better than what it is out of doors. Tomorrow will be a heatwave of 29!!!! Next day our low tomorrow will be our high... ugh... I'm not cut out for winter. I'm really not.

In winter I get a little jealous of the people who have a nice warm house and an indoor job that can be left at 5 every evening 5 days a week. And then I'm reminded of what I would miss out on. My baby calves, the cows, the peace of not having to answer to someone all the time. A pace of my own. Freedom!

Some times the grass just looks greener on the other side (I would love some green grass right about now).I suppose it's the same way with people thinking that farming is just the next best thing to paradise (we've had people tell us that farming must just be paradise...umm no comment). Farming has it's ups and downs like every job. Although it seems there are more downs on the payment side. It's not a get rich quick job... it's more like a brake even if I'm lucky kind of job. And yet we are still out here doing it day after day, year after year. Even though people complain about the price of food, the debates between the rbst and gmo's (of which I'm not a fan of either), those who say we are abusing the animals we care for, and laws that are over looked or are in favor of the big money guys who buy the votes they need to make even more money off the farmer.

Sorry for rambling on. I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally I think I did, my one side just will NOT stop having muscle spasms. We'll blame it on Fanny... the ole girl has decided that she will only drink WARM water. grrr this means carrying even more water to her and everyone else that can get to it before she has a chance. God bless that old cow... :) 

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