Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yup it's looking MIGHTY good right now. Sun, sand, warm breezes, cold tea, flip flops, shorts and tank tops, need I go on? It sounds like heaven to me.

After today, 30 degree's for a high will seem heavenly to me! Today's high was 11 (between you and me... it was more like 7 but who really cares when it's that bloomin' COLD!) thankfully we didn't get the snow that was forecasted. Instead of 6" we only got about another inch. But with the wind (wind chill has been -10 all day dipping to -20 tonight) the snow has drifted something awful. Our milk hauler was  here today and he was telling me on some of the roads it was drifted over a foot high.

Tractor still is a no go, there really isn't much point in even trying in this kind of weather. Rudy (our last baby bull calf) decided last night would be the perfect time to get scours. So this means me going out and doing an afternoon feeding to keep his energy and electrolytes up.

OK I'm getting cold sitting here... am going to get under some nice warm covers and try and sleep.


  1. It is supposed to arrive here hot water bottle is my best friend these days. Take care....

  2. Today and tomorrow are still in the deep freeze here...Sunday a balmy 28 is forecasted... :)