Friday, January 8, 2010

Hard day...

Hard day... farming in January is about the least fun of anytime to be farming. On one had the cows are up close and I don't have to search for them, on the other hand... cold means feeding up close and all that good stuff.

We are not used to this kind of cold here... We are now into day 2 of Is it could enough for ya? ha ha ha ... the fun of breaking ice, sliding across the driveway in my boots, bucketing water, cold feet, cracked lips and fingers have all left. If I could cry I would... but if I did it would just make my head worse than it is and that wouldn't do.

Funny thing is, this AM I thought... hmmm it's not so bad out here. It was zero... yup... ZERO. Is that nuts or what... of course the wind wasn't blowing yet and once it did I got cold pretty quick.

OHHH and I signed up for a siggie swap! :) maybe this will get my mind off of cold weather. :) Buying fabric always makes me happy.

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