Saturday, January 16, 2010

Film at Eleven...

This is what happens when the feed truck driver is testing to see if he'll get stuck.

This and the subsequent pictures are what happens WHEN the feed truck driver gets stuck...


No body knows the rutts I've seen... NO body KNOOOOOOW my muuuuud... :)

I wish I had something to show perspective, this rut is over a foot deep. OY VAY!

Side view of the above rut. 

Well it was an interesting day to say the least. I waited and waited for the feed to come. New feed, new feed driver, and a never before in over 33 years first. 

We've NEVER had a feed truck get stuck. Well I can't say that anymore. I never would have thought it either. I pushed, pulled, prayed to know avail. Not on the prayer part. We finally found a neighbor (Thank the Lord for DH, for him being home, and not charging anything) who came and had a BIG tractor to pull him out. He had sunk the front end of the truck to it's axle, it was so bad. He kept apologizing for the ruts, and I kept telling him it's OK, things could be worse. We could have had to call a wrecker to pull him out, we could be in Haiti, little things like ruts and a mess is little to deal with.

It's been a day... At least his son got a kick out of feeding animal crackers to the goats. :-) All's well that ends well. And if anyone feels the need, you can pray for the feed driver. His dream is to dairy debt free, he's got the heifers to freshen next month, the equipment, he just needs to get the barn built. 

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  1. Maybe he calls it a dream....sounds more like a hallucination to me.