Monday, January 18, 2010

Trimming feet

Isn't the greatest fun in the world. Getting horned in the back of the leg, by a sweet (or so you think) little blond goat with a white face isn't fun at all. This brings to mind WHY the say to dis-bud those sweet little goat kids. Those pointy little horns HURT!

Otherwise I hope this helps her one leg that she is limping on. I'm rather concerned about it, as she has had troubles since she was an itter baby with this one leg. I thought she would grow out of it and did for the most part. So now we'll see if getting those feet trimmed with help. They weren't BAD, but enough so that they could have been hurting her. My dear sweet Tempest.

Weather wise... BEAUTIFUL! In the 50's sun, a few clouds no real wind to speak of. It's nice, but it's also making me relax and just want to sleep.

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