Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sounds like...

Popcorn... the dryer is going and I swear it sounds like how our microwave does popcorn! Not very well... funny thing is I keep wondering WHY we have the microwave we do. We don't really use it (maybe once or twice a month), after the ice storm of 2007 we didn't use one at all for over a year, same with the TV.

Maybe the Amish have something with no "juice" to fuel power hungry gadgets. NAH... Brief bout with insanity there... I like my lights, computer, sewing machine, shower, hot water heater, HEATERS, milking machines, and the list goes on...


  1. Just stopping by and catching up on the reading. Enjoyed reading and I'm with you, ready for spring. :) Jenn

  2. PS love the blog's new look. Beautiful and ... spring like! ALways a neat photo at the header. Thanks.

  3. bohzo (hello)

    I had to read something called chicken tracks1
    Nice blog!