Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some days

It just doesn't pay to stick your head out of the covers, get out of bed, and get dressed. Others days are better than those kinds of days. Today is an iffy kind of day...

Overcast and cool, snow, sleet, and freezing drizzle are in the forecast for tomorrow and the next day. I'm not looking forward to that AT ALL. Who knows, maybe I'll get some sewing done on these siggies... What was I thinking!?!? :)

All in all today was, OK (I guess) talked with the milk hauler and the KABA guy. Cleaned the side lot and holding pen, did chores, got my hair cut... not to bad considering I've felt crummy for the better part of the day and would have loved to have just stayed in bed and dreamed of the warm days ahead.

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