Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lavender, Sunshine, Mud...

You know as I was thinking about the above title... it hit me,  the colors might just make a pretty quilt. Will have to think on this more.

Anyway, Lavy as she is known is being a very stubborn "kid" won't take a bottle, will only eat hay and drink water. At least she's staying hydrated. Every few hours I make her take some milk... she needs more that hay... a few bites of apple, and Frito's. :) Yes mom fed Lavy a Frito tonight and she liked it... HEY MIKEY, she liked it, she REALLY liked it! At least the salt is good for her right? One day soon I'm hoping she starts taking a bottle, and then gets moved out to the barn with the other goats. Hopefully before the other kids are born.

Today... the sun shone... melting the new snow, and thawing the ice. I'm of mixed emotions on this. The mud is HORRIBLE here. In a perfect world we wouldn't have any mud. But as it is... we have mud, more mud, frozen mud, partial frozen mud, or mud that's on top of frozen ground making walking very interesting. Some weird form of ballet comes to mind.

At least for the moment the sun felt good on my face, even if there was a cool breeze. Leaving me dreaming of summer days, filled with the sweet scents of the roses, lightening bugs floating here and there, ice tea, and something wonderful cooking on grill.

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