Monday, February 8, 2010


"Willow & Webster"

This is Webbie when he was cute, and little, and sweet....


The now two months older, juvenile delinquent, holy terror kitten. 

He's nuts I tell you. He has this toy, it's a blue/silver ball with feathers on a elastic cord, tied to a stick that is the bee's knee's of kitty toys. This toy was lovingly put right above my pillow. Needless to say at about midnight last night Webster was playing between the pillows, pounced up and out to get the ball and landed on my face. :-/ You'll all be relieved to know he got the ball and wasn't hurt... trust me... I was tempted to do a little harm to Webbie...

Here's to a good nights rest with out a kitten, thumping, bumping, and making flying leaps on to my head.   

1 comment:

  1. But Webster looks so innocent - Hah! I know just what you mean about trying to sleep when they're bouncing off your head - times three! Our headboard has a shelf where we keep our teddy bear collection. (Don't ask.) They love to pounce on the bears, sending them tumbling in all directions. Then they chase after them, bouncing off our heads and shoulders and each other. Sleeping is a challenge!